Yolk – Lakeview restaurant Good breakfast. Nice selection and reasonable prices (average for the city).  The service was great and fast. The chicken and waffle with egg was very good

Nameِ: Yolk – Lakeview restaurant

Type: Late breakfast restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is


work Time: 7:00am-2:30pm

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Address Yolk – Lakeview restaurant

W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614،United States

Phone number Yolk – Lakeview restaurant


 Chicago resturantThis diner chain hits everytime. They have the classics, with their own twist. Great portion sizes compared to price. If they served liquor this would be a go to brunch spot, but still a good choice anyday.

Recommended foods

Really good hearty brunch option; ordered the scrambler with all the veggies, it came with a side of potatoes and pancakes. My friend ordered the west coast crepes.

We were celebrating a birthday, the server brought out crepes covered in whipped cream and chocolate. The service was really good. The macchiato was great as well!

Menu Yolk – Lakeview restaurant

Yolk - Lakeview restaurant menuYolk - Lakeview menu 

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

My wife and I are new to the Lakeview area. We walked into this Yolk location for the first time and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and a very friendly service from Rachel, who raised the definition of “welcome” to a whole new level! Delicious food, awesome coffee and just an amazing experience. We will come back for more, for sure!

Review to

Great service from what appeared to be a newbie server, FANTASTICALLY fresh salad & an all-in-all good experience. Seeing as we may be u-turning on the pandemic & possibly having restaurants having to resort to less capacity, this was a nice opportunity to eat indoors before that may happen. Thank you to Yolk & all the employees.

Review three

It was the first time I’ve eaten at this particular location; I was meeting a friend, for brunch, who lives nearby. Our waiter, Anthony, was affable and cordial; very knowledgeable of the menu and made some very good recommendations. We tried a new flavored latte on his praise. I was very pleased with my order with the exception of the eggs which I found ironic due the place’s namesake. The eggs were a little overcooked but everything else was great. I was in much of too good of a mood since it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten out in public….

Review four

Checked this place out last week of Jan. 2020, and I tell you I was very pleased with what was offered. There was definitely too many choices so I ended up ordering a a Breakfast Burrito and my wife had a 3-Egg Scrambler I believe. The coffee was very good and the waiter was a young guy and he was very pleasant and informative; he also gave us all the time we need to order and he also listened and got our order right. The Buritto was good and everything inside the burrito mixed well.

Yolk - Lakeview

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