Wendy’s restaurant Chicago Very clean, comfortable and great customer service, food delivers on time

Name: Wendy’s restaurant Chicago

Type: Fast Food Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:6:30am-1:00am/Saturday, 9:00am-12:00am

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Address Wendy’s restaurant Chicago

N Washtenaw Ave, Chicago, IL 60647،United States

Phone number Wendy’s restaurant Chicago



Recommended foods

Great chicken sandwich. Very quick fast food. Less than a minute wait usually

Every time I go to this Wendy’s they always forget to put my barbecue sauce. Really aggravating

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

To the Lady’s working April 1st 12AM at night you have amazing customer service. I placed an order really late, your indoor was close but you handed me my food at the drive thru although I had no car

Very awesome staff that were welcoming of me and my service dog. Very helpful to me since I was not able to see very well. Staff made sure that I knew to come up to the counter and also to come collect my food

Review to

My favorite of the fast food burger chains. ie MD/Bk etc. Not to be mistaken, Lucy’s on California, hand’s down best burger this side of town, I live in the Humboldt park area. But back to Wendy’s. Good burgers, potatoes and even the salad is good..And my bank is in the strip mall, so stop by when I go to the bank

Review three

Good location with Drive rhru. Always busy. Nice modern look inside & out. Friendly & helpful staff. Has Coca-Cola free-style drink machines

They are good they always get my order right. But sometimes they don’t get other people’s orders right. They will fix their mistakes

Review four

Delicious fries. It looks like they serve iced coffee now and I’ll have to try it out sometime! There is literally nothing for a vegetarian here but the neighborhood is packed with options like Colectivo Coffee half a block north so i am not concerned but this drive through would get a lot more business from me if they had croissants

Wendy's restaurant

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