Virtue Restaurant Hyde Park is a nice cozy place to eat. The signature short rib was outstanding. The corn bread and grits were delicious compliments to the meal. Wait staff was friendly and courteous. The restaurant has a 90-MINUTE TABLE LIMIT and the host seemed adamant on enforcing it

Name: Virtue Restaurant Hyde Park

Type: restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time: 4:00-9:00 pm/Monday, Tuesday closed

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Address Virtue Restaurant Hyde Park

E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615، United States

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Virtue Restaurant Hyde Park

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Virtue Restaurant is a great place to eat. It’s located right in the middle of a cute area with a bunch of stores and restaurants. We sat outside and it’s great for people watching. We shared a bunch of appetizers and then got mains as well. The gumbo is amazing. The pot roast is phenomenal. It comes with asparagus puree that is a really interesting flavor combo with the meat. For dessert we had the lemon meringue. So good. The service is also excellent. Thanks for a great dinner

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Review one

I feel so lucky to have eaten at Chef Eric Williams’ restaurant. I remember reading food reviews of his work at MK & thinking how great it all sounded. And now that he has his own restaurant he is showing us all just how good food can be

We went to Virtue first for my Mother In Law’s birthday and it was so delicious and such a beautiful dining experience that it soon became a go-to for important celebrations

The prices are exactly what I’d expect for a fine dining experience

Try a cocktail! I so rarely do, always opting for a simple glass of wine but the The michoacan here has changed me. It’s not too sweet, but also not so strong that you can’t appreciate the flavors. It’s a perfect accompaniment

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The ambiance, waitstaff and drinks were awesome but in my opinion the food just wasn’t that great especially for the prices. And between 5 of us, we ordered a LOT. I didn’t even end up eating my leftovers. We got the cornbread, mac n cheese (pretty decent), greens (very good), walleye, fried green tomatoes, gumbo (ok) and more. I’ll go back for the drinks but I don’t see myself eating there again. It PAINS me to say but yea. I went for my birthday, spent a LOT and had to get tacos at the end of my night

Review three

A very friendly host welcomed the four of us warmly as we stepped out of the rain into the restaurant. Our friends ordered drinks and we inquired about whether non-alcoholic beer was available. The server checked and came back to say no, but the restaurant would offer it in the future. (Yes!) We started our dinner with fried green tomatoes served with shrimp, which we all agreed were delicious. We also shared two orders of biscuits and cornbread with pimento cheese. The biscuits are really fabulous, drizzled with a little honey and served with soft butter. Yum. I ordered salmon and our friends had the catfish and a steak special. Everything was well-prepared and very tasty

Review four

I did not have time to take any pictures because I was truly enjoying the food. I would strongly recommend this restaurant without hesitation or concern about poor food or service. Everything thing I ate was delicious and the drinks were amazing. This is the perfect place for any event/celebration. It is also highly recommended for a personal self-care day. Amazing food and drinks bring about simple joy from the inside out. 🙂
Virtue Restaurant Hyde Park

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