Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine Amazing food and the friendliest staff around! I am not vegan, but my friends and I love coming here just the same. The pad Thai, chicken satay, and lentil loaf are my favorite things on the menu

Name: Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine

Type:Vegetarian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

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work Time:11:00am-8:50pm/Wednesday, closed

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Address Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine

 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613،United States

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Urban Vegan Thai Cuisine restaurant

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Mind blowing vegan Asian cuisine with really creative and unique flavors, textures, and protein options. Love this place, despite it being on the pricier end. Strongly recommend even for the meat eaters out there – I have friends who swear by the orange chicken, even over the traditional dead flesh option served at most American Chinese restaurants

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Review one

I enjoy this vegan favorite when I’m in Chi, it’s tasty, affordable. They’re fast, courteous and the service is awesome. If eating healthy with good flavor is your thing, And its is definitely a must.

Review to

Just the best Thai food in the whole city. with Giant portions. And Amazing prices. Yellow curry with veggies is best I ever had. Can’t wait to eat here every day 🤩

Review three

When I went vegan a few years ago I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy good Thai food anymore, boy did this place prove me wrong. Vegan or not, their Thai food is delicious. Fresh, flavorful, and generous portion sizes. I could eat their green or red curry on the DAILY. I usually shy away from vegan chicken but theirs is super delicious, and my sister who eats meat got their “shrimp” and really enjoyed it. They have an awesome lunch AND dinner special which comes with delicious spring rolls and a side salad with this amazing tangy ranch-y dressing (that I wish I could buy by the bottle). Anyway, if you’re reading this- just go here. You won’t regret

Review four

Vegetarian Paradise! For vegetarians/vegans looking for some spicy, tasty Thai food, this is just the perfect place! They have a lot to offer on the menu. All Thai with proteins from veggies, tofu to soy chicken steak etc. Might not be the most affordable place considering the portions. But worth a visit once in a while for it’s all vegan and tasty! Uber friendly staff and you also get a 10% off when you pay with cash

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