The Nile of Hyde Park Great food at reasonable prices. Also a very friendly place for gluten – sensitive diners

Name:The Nile of Hyde Park

Type:Middle East Food Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

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work Time:12:00-9:00 pm/ Monday, 4:00-9:00 pm

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Address The Nile of Hyde Park

E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615، United States

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The Nile of Hyde Park chicago

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The good: clean, nice decoration, roomy and great service. The bad: grilled meats not tasty at all. I ordered combination plate which has four meets only one was flavorful ( chicken kebab)and the other three ( chicken shwarma, beef kebab, beef kufta))are far from tasty.

Did veggies are really bad. Just boiled not grilled and no flavor at all. Lintels soup was great. The place got busy after I got in and everybody around me ordered the casseroles which is rice missed with some veggie and a sauce plus side salads. No one ordered grilled meats which was interesting. Usually that’s the flagship if Arabic cuisine. Give it a try and let us know

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 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Food was great! Not the best lentil soup I have had but a very close runner up. The lovely lady that took my order was very friendly and welcoming. Would def return

Review to

Wow. This is really a wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant. The portions are large and I can can HIGHLY recommend the beef filet kabob dinner. The rice might look like a plain yellow rice but it is very flavorful. Their hummus is fantastic

Pretty comparable in taste and quality to what I used to enjoy in LA. Love the basmati/saffron rice and grilled kebob

Review three

Love the food. Been here several times. The food is always amazing. Reasonable prices. I recommend “Stack in a sack” for everyone. Full of delicious sauces

Review four

Love it combination plate with streak,lamb, shrimp kabob with rice and stir fried veggies is ridiculously fresh and delicious.I have a new favorite now….Falafel. The humus is very nice. And…….BYOB beer or wine

The Nile of Hyde Park

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