Tasty Asian Restaurant Very well organised and accessible spot. They offer large meals and for economical prices. We liked the meals a lot and the waiters were very affable and informative. Highly recommended

Name: Tasty Asian Restaurant

Type: Asian Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:4:30pm-1:00am/Tuesday, closed

Location : click here

Address Tasty Asian Restaurant

N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657،United States

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Tasty Asian Restaurant

Excellent service and hospitality. Food was ready very quickly. Workers are very kind and courteous. Open til 2 am. Great spot! Highly recommend

Recommended foods

Their chicken fried rice and beef fried rice is the best

I really loved their orange chicken, salt and pepper shrimp, potstickers, and general tsao chicken. Generous portion. Best in the neighborhood

Menu Tasty Asian Restaurant

menu Tasty Asian RestaurantTasty Asian Restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

The BBQ pork Fried rice is second to none! Also, the egg rolls don’t deserve the hate they are getting, they are actually pretty good. Plus the food is fast and relatively inexpensive. It beats so many other late night eats – I highly recommend it after a night out

Pretty good! Good egg rolls, potstickers, and Szechuan beef. Delivery always arrives hot and on time

Review to

two days ago was the first time we went to this place. But It is obviously not the last time. We enjoyed the evening very much with the excellent service, with the finest cooking and wine and with the modest cost. We will surely come back again

Review three

Best Chinese in Wrigley for real i have tried other Chinese around and this is number 1 hands down

Ordered the sweet and sour chicken and the beef and broccoli. Highly recommend, food is made quickly and you order through a window making it COVID friendly. Not sure how this place doesn’t have 5 stars

Review four

A routine stop for me on summer evenings. If nothing else, grab a mixed smoothie and some pot stickers. Great local place to dine in after work

Pretty good! Good egg rolls, potstickers, and Szechuan beef. Delivery always arrives hot and on time

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