Chicago is a city that is famous for its food scene. From deep-dish pizza to hot dogs with all the fixings to delectable desserts, there is something for every taste bud in the Windy City. To help you navigate the culinary landscape, we have compiled a guide to some of Chicago’s most iconic eateries that promise mouth-watering and memorable experiences.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

If you want to satisfy your deep-dish pizza cravings, head straight to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. The restaurant has been serving authentic Chicago-style pizza since 1971, and its reputation precedes it. The buttery crust, tangy sauce, and fresh toppings make for a truly unforgettable pizza experience.


If you’re in the mood for a quintessential Chicago-style hot dog, head to Portillo’s. The hot dog is topped with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. It’s delicious, satisfying, and the perfect meal on-the-go.

The Publican

The Publican is a must-visit for brunch enthusiasts. Their brunch menu offers a range of dishes, including oysters, pancakes, French toast, and ricotta fritters. The restaurant also has an impressive selection of craft beers and fancy cocktails.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

There is no better place to indulge in a juicy steak than at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse. The restaurant has been serving top-quality steaks for over 30 years, and its reputation for excellence is well-deserved. The prime rib, New York strip, and filet mignon are all highly recommended.


Alinea is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in the country, if not the world. The Michelin-starred restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience, with dishes that are not only delicious but also visually striking. Alinea offers a multi-course tasting menu that promises to take your taste buds on a culinary journey.

The Purple Pig

If you want to experience an authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine, The Purple Pig is the place to be. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean small plates, with dishes like smoked pork neck bone, fried brussels sprouts, and bone marrow with herbed bread. The food is flavorful, inventive, and perfect for sharing.


Eataly is an Italian market and restaurant that offers a wide range of authentic Italian food products and dishes. From fresh pasta to Neapolitan pizza to gelato, Eataly has it all. The restaurant also has a wine bar and a Nutella bar, making it the perfect place to indulge your Italian cravings.

In conclusion, Chicago’s food scene is vibrant, diverse, and packed with iconic eateries. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, hot dogs, steak, or something else entirely, the Windy City has got you covered. Use our guide to explore some of Chicago’s finest culinary destinations and embark on a gastronomic adventure you won’t soon forget.