SoJu BBQ restaurant This place was great! Excellent food and great service. A group of friends and I arrived close to closing time and they stayed open for us. They were so kind and the food was absolutely delicious

Nameِ: SoJu BBQ restaurant

Type: Korean Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

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Beer: There is

work Time:4:00-10:00 pm /Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12:00-10:00 pm

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Address SoJu BBQ restaurant

S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607،United States

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SoJu BBQ restaurant

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What a pity this cafeteria isn’t more well-known. They did, after all, provide great cuisine. It was a very large and tidy space. The personnel was quite pleasant

Kimchi dumplings, rib eye, fire chicken were all amazing. Staff is warm and friendly. Great find. Will dine again

Menu SoJu BBQ restaurant

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 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

I’ve only gotten bibimbap takeout here but I would highly recommend. Comes with a lot of great toppings, love the eggplant and cucumber especially. This container was all toppings and the rice came in another container. 2 meals for me

Review to

We went here as the restaurant now provides zabiha halal option. Overall, the food was really great. We had dumplings, rib eye, brisket, spicy chicken. Our only concern was that the service isn’t that great as there were only 2 servers for the whole restaurant over weekend which slowed down the service. Will do a pickup next time

Review three

Some items on their menu is halal. Rib eye is good. The starter chicken wings is good. Rest of the menu was fine. Yes, dumplings were good too

Came here for one of my friends bday and it was amazing. Loaded fries, Korean fried chicken, kimchi dumplings, Bulogoi, Kalbi, and buttermilk chicken tenders!

Great selection of halal food and definitely would recommend this to my people who are looking for a good meal and great customer service!

I’m gonna bless you all with some pictures but really they don’t do the food any justice.

Make sure to go and support this amazing establishment

Review four

This is the best Korean BBQ restaurant I have eaten at. I have eaten at at least a dozen other Korean BBQ spots. Maybe its good because they cook it for you. Meaning you don’t get to mess up your meal yourself. The wait is well worth it. Definitely stop in when you can. Love that it has a halal option for the chicken and beef. Cannot wait to try more stuff on the menu


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