ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant Great spot for progressive Indian food. Like really amazing. It’s progressive, but the flavors are spot on. The portion sizes are good and the execution is excellent. The staff is amazing an attentive and the cocktails are also spot on. This is not a place to be missed.

Nameِ: ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant

Type: Indian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5:00-9:30 pm

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Address ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant

 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661،United States

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ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant.

So many delicious vegan, vegetarian, and meat options – each full of flavor and spice representing many types of Indian cuisine. We sat outside in their outdoor tent and stay completely dry when the thunderstorm rolled through. Service was excellent!

Recommended ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant

Nothing short of amazing! Any compliments for the Owner and his staff would be an understatement! The food was very delicious and flavorful from the small plates to the entree and of course the dessert we were blown away! The taste was different from the typical Indian flavors you can get anywhere else! Definitely would recommend large party or small! I will always have Rooh on my list of places to visit again.

Menu ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant 

ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant. menu 

Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

The dinning experience is always better when the server knows everything about the dishes. Our server even suggested the not-so-sweet Moscow mule cocktail for me to go with the spicy food. ( I’m not in a mood to drink wine that night.) It surprisingly paired so well. The pork belly is divine, the butter chicken is a crowd pleaser …we love hot sauce so our server brought us the most spicy mango chutney to jazz up the dish even more.  family ordered abundant food and enjoyed every dish that night.

Review to

Touched my Rooh (soul).. It was a wonderful experience, enjoyed the soulful, scrumptious and innovative cuisine. Flew all the way from Boston just to enjoy this innovative cuisine and amazing service. Loved it!!! It was a fun journey. Jack fruit cutlet and sea bass was my favorite.. Thanks to the friend who recommended this place, will return soon to enjoy the winter menu. Kudos to the team, keep shining.. thanks

Review three

The food is very unique and the flavors are amazing. Jackfruit cutlet was really good and we really liked all the drinks. The waiters knew everything about the menus and were really attentive. The portion sizes were good and the outdoor seating is nice as well.

Review four

In the booming West Loop neighborhood of downtown Chicago ROOH is an epic Indian culinary experience. The menu is well thought out and each of the vegetarian dishes were delicious, paired with drinks and dessert

ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant.ROOH Chicago

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