POLOMBIA Restaurant This is a must try place very friendly, fresh and amazing combinations of two different countries !

Name:POLOMBIA Restaurant

Type: black american food restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer nothing

work Time:  11:00am-10:00pm

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Address POLOMBIA Restaurant  

Time Out Market, 916 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

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 POLOMBIA Restaurant  

Recommended foods

I loved Polombia! The Colombian/Polish fusion is so unique and everything we tried was absolutely delicious. From the kielbasa perro to the emparogis, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. The zapiekanka was my favorite thing and it is a must order. The owners are wonderful and very attentive and passionate about their business, I highly recommend trying Polombia.

Menu POLOMBIA Restaurant  

Menu POLOMBIA Restaurant  

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

SALCHI PAPAS! Please get the salchipapas, it was perfection. It was our first time trying and it did not disappoint. Will be coming back 💕💕

I am totally agreed that their foods are interesting in terms of combining two very different food culture, Polish and Colombian, but nothing more than that. I really enjoyed their foods tho. 3.5 stars.

Review to

I love Timeout and Polombia even more! This is my third time here and finally tried their emparogi. It is a MUST HAVE in Chicago! What they Crete is nothing short of amazing and the components are so unique. I also had their juices and side potatoes which are the perfect combo of soft and crispy. Come here if you are in Chic!go and make it your top spot!!
Ordered online via tock and picked up. Emparogis pictured (came with 5 but we ate one before I took the picture) but we also got a Zapiekanka which was massive and full of cheesy goodness. I loved the emparogis (who doesn’t love potatoes? ♥️) and my boyfriend loved the Zapiekanka for its explosion of interesting flavors. They also threw in 3 of their little kolaczki desserts which was super nice. Bonus points for compostable takeout containers, a paper bag, and not giving us utensils/napkins as requested! It can be hard to find because there’s no signage, but it’s located inside The Outpost, which does have signage

Review three

We are Polish and absolutely loved the inventive, delicious,, and perfectly executed dishes we ate here. The owners and staff are so friendly – and do not miss a detail. Chicago is heavily influenced by Polish and Latin cultures, and -Polumbia is wonderful expression of the flavors and people of our City.
Great Polish-Colombian fusion concept like never seen in Chicago. Looking forward to seeing what else the team develops 🙏🏼