Pisco Peruvian Restaurant Excellent food. Good service  Delicious pisco sours  Patio clean and definitely the place to sit for social distancing

Name: Pisco Peruvian Restaurant

Type: Peruvian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

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work Time:12:00-10:00 pm/Saturday, Friday 12:00-11:00 pm

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Address Pisco Peruvian Restaurant

 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625،United States

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Pisco Peruvian Restaurant

I came to have some food and drink asked for pisco sour and it was great very taste, made me feel like iam in Peru. Thank you María, she makes a really good Pisco sour…chef Coco

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My friend and I visited for lunch on a Sunday. Lawrence gets pretty busy, but meter parking is fairly abundant and free on Sundays. It wasn’t too busy and all the tables were spread far apart. Pisco is participating in Restaurant week so that’s what prompted the visit. They didn’t mention that upon arrival or provide the menu, but did bring it out when I asked.

We started with bread and sauce. I have no idea what the sauce was, but the sauce and bread were delicious! Our first course was the beef empanada and inca cola. A Peruvian empanada is quite different than Mexican (contains eggs and raisins), but it was yummy! Our second course was the Lomo Saltado – beef with veggies over a sauce with fries and rice. I didn’t think fries would go together – but it worked! Lasly, dessert was Oreo cake…yum!

Menu Pisco Peruvian Restaurant

Pisco Peruvian Restaurant 

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Service is excellent, the taste of the food was good, but the meat of the lomo saltado was really chewy and difficult to eat. I will definitely go back and see if It was just a coincidence

Review to

Food is good the place is OOK! Prices are a little bit higher but after all is ok…the bar is a plus ➕ good variety of beer and wine 🍷

Review three

Table was dirty but waitress cleaned, she was very courteous, was our first time in Pisco Restaurant and eating Peruvian food, was somewhat challenging reading the menu ( purubian food) but was good experience. They offer us a jar of fresh limeade was great and our food was good. Overall good first time we will comeback to try new dishes

Review four

Food was good. Waitress was ok. The only issue was we were I big group and when we got the bill it was all messed up. The taste of the food was par to similar restaurants but not above, could be better

Pisco Peruvian Restaurant

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