OMAKASE YUME Chicago Elegant, clean and very expensive. This place earned it’s Michelin star for a reason and it’s not for wow baming your senses. Flavors are fresh, subtle and thoughtful. The environment is soothing and service is quiet

Nameِ: OMAKASE YUME Chicago

Type: sushi restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time: 5:00-10:30 pm
Sunday, Monday closed

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address OMAKASE YUME Chicago

W Washington Blvd Suite #101, Chicago, IL 60661، United States

Phone number OMAKASE YUME Chicago


OMAKASE YUME ChicagoGreat presentation and food. Wonderful meal. Intimate setting. Bit pricey but worth doing once. Service was wonderful. We were told that it was BYOB, however, were surprised with a $40 corkage fee per bottle on arrival. Would’ve been nice to know in advance 

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Great experience and excellent sushi. It’s a small spot with 8 seats so you can watch the chef prepare all the food. The sushi itself was incredible- amazing flavors and fresh. The service is also really great


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Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Absolutely loved this place! Everything was perfect! The dessert is light and smooth… all our single nigiri tastes amazing! Loved this place and will come back

Review to

Such a great quality place. Granted I have not had the opportunity to visit, I have been to the other fine establishment where I have met owners who are the best.  remember when this was “suchi”. Wonderful people everywhere. I met Ainsley whom manages condo in area and just lovely people in this neighborhood such a wonderful staple to add.

Review three

Way too fast tempo. I noticed a table came in late so the chef just jammed three pieces at one time as they just arrived.
Presliced fish for kicking you out faster.
Overcooked wagyu.
Ebi was torched, and once I had a taste I knew it’s not that fresh anymore.
Chef does not tell you where his fish come from and how they lived their fish lives before.
Mediocre omakase for a city that doesn’t really have omakase choices!

Is omakase.
Some interesting combinations such as sesame oil on kanpachi (but nothing stands out really).
Chef gives me a lot of ginger

Review four

Worth it. Expensive but definitely worth it. Only 6 people at the chef’s bar so you’ll need to book in advance. But truly a memorable experience. Open till late. The menu is based on whatever is market fresh and has some additional extras available. The foie-gras was unexpected but a sublime experience


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