Next Restaurant I was treated with respect and the food was quite an as a forklift driver and I’m not used to anything fancy. I eat a lot of tacos or cook at home. I saved up for a year to come here for my anniversary and it was worth

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Type: restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

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Beer: There is

work Time: 5:00-11:00 p.m./ Tuesday, Monday closed

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Address Next Restaurant

W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607، United States

Next Restaurant chicago

We had an awesome experience in “Aviary”. From drinks to Ambiance to service was extremely cool❤️ There is another bar located downstairs from Aviary called The Office”.. Aviary was worth it and more

Recommended foods

The service and quality of food is excellent as to be expected. On the 10th anniversary menu there were a few standout dishes that were just outstanding. The truffle explosion, butter poached sturgeon, and squab were all highlights.
The reason I did not give it 5 stars is due to two items. First, the couscous didn’t make much sense and was an array of very intense flavors that didn’t seem to go together. Secondly, the overall meal is such an intense experience of indulgence that my wife and I left feeling so full that we couldn’t even think about the meal. We saw multiple tables walk out with to-go bags like we did. I think 10 dishes of such rich ingredients was just too much

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 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Mexico City Theme. Always love mexican food and come to have a try. Good environment and follow social distancing practice pretty well. Foods are good and very fullfill. Order non alcoholic drink pair some of them are too sweet for me, maybe next time I won’t order the. beverage pairing as they make me very full. Overall great experience

Review to

We had the 10th Anniversary menu. It’s an interesting dining experience in the kitchen table to have a private room with the view of the kitchen. The food was well executed but in general pretty salty and too strong without wine pairing. staff team was not passionate when introducing the food, which was pretty rare in other fine dining restaurants. Also, some staff were professional but cold or even impatient, making the experience not as enjoyable as it should be. Felt disappointed

Review three

If you’re planning to go the Alinea, don’t waste your time and go to Next instead. I had the 10 year anniversary menu and it was amazing sooo delicious.  loved the fact that each dish was described not just how it was made but also why. I loved the variety of the menu with the dishes from different Michelin restaurants. Don’t eat anything before it because you will leave so full.

Review four

A good dinner. Some dishes a bit too rich or salty (table top dessert). Very large portions: the Chicago steak alone is enough for a complete meal.
I would definitely come back here. The service was wonderful, our waiter actually helped us pick what to order and everything he recommended we enjoyed. They are a bit fast with picking up your food the second you set it down for a minute, but other than that, it’s a great place to get a catch up meal with friends
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