Little Goat Diner restaurant This place blew my mind Cute name Fun design Great service Awesome music Fantastic food

Name: Little Goat Diner restaurant

Type: restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:7:00am-3:00pm/Monday, closed

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Address Little Goat Diner restaurant

W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607،United States

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Little Goat Diner restaurant

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The first spot I hit up when I landed in Chicago and it didn’t disappoint The decor is nice, literally little goats all over the place. The staff was friendly and the kimchi burger was absolutely amazing, it’s a must have. No pork fries for now but I was assured they’ll be coming back

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Review one

I feel like the 5 star rating is heavily overused. This is one of the few places I feel truly deserves five stars

All of the entrees we tried were incredible. I had the fried chicken Sammie and the sauce combination they go with is perfect. Their hot sauce compliments the chicken very well and the ingredients used felt very high quality

The French toast was also phenomenal. I’m not sure how they do it but they managed to put an egg in there ?! Plus topping it with chicken was a smart idea

I also got the sleepy hollow cocktail which was stronger than I anticipated, but still decent

Review to

Delightful menu with all sorts of flavours to meet your breakfast/lunch needs. I loved the breakfast sandwich – definitely an East meets West with the cheddar chive biscuit and Sichuan sausage… savoury, salty, sweet- I took a cinnamon roll “to go” to share with friends back in San Diego!

Review three

A diner with Asian inspired breakfast options. The food is superb and service was excellent. We sat outside and traffic was light, providing enough movement to be interesting without excessive noise. Would come back to again

Review four

Fantastic little dinner. I would highly recommend the breakfast sandwich or pancakes. Sugargoat is also right next door

Little Goat Diner restaurant chicago

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