Le Colonial Chicago Very nice ambience, Waiters also very polite, helpful they will do anything to accommodate Food presentation, taste was heavenly good Prices went up, like everything after covid I would recommend this restaurant for lunch, dinner. You will not regret it

Name: Le Colonial Chicago

Type: Vietnamese Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

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work Time: 12:00-10:00 pm

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Address Le Colonial Chicago

E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611،United States

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Vietnamese Restaurant

I loved the variety of dishes and everything was so flavorful. My taste buds were thrilled. The restaurant decor was festive and the service was perfect!

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Everyone enjoyed the variety in the menu although unusual it has clear American description by each item. Beautiful floral decor..formal attire for wait staff..dress nice. White linen tables

AMAZING! I’m so happy we chose to eat here. There were several vegan options for me (salad, entree and dessert), as well as non-vegan options. The staff is very attentive, the restaurant is beautiful, and the menu is great! Try the coconut banana pudding

Menu Le Colonial Chicago

menu Le Colonial ChicagoLe Colonial Chicago menu 

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

The atmosphere is fantastic, the food is absolutely delicious. Next time when I come to Chicago this is a must in my list of dining places.

Review to

Great experience, great meal! I have found a mew favorite place for lunch or dinner! The crispy veggie rolls we the best I have had! The desert selection was excellent as well. There were vegan options for my wife, and they customize a dish for with no questions or hassle! Excellent service, the place is run the way a restaurant should be run! Slightly slower pace, like In Europe, not trying to rush you out just to turn the table. Love decor and feel! I’m starting a monthly stand reservation

Review three

Based on a referral and local lore, I took my wife here for a special occasion. It is a beautiful place with a unique ambiance that transports you to another era. The staff is superbly professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. While the food has an artistic presentation and high quality ingredients, it is not memorable, it’s range of flavors is muted, the options are limited, and the portions are small.

Frankly, you can get more flavorful and impressionable food at a place like Simply Pasteur, which is also French Vietnamese and carries a broader repertoire of options and flavors and unique culinary experiences. Pictured here are Chao Tom (flavorful and fresh), Cari Tom (great shrimp but sadly bland and missing that gusto of a full bodied curry), and Tom Xao Date (flavorful but not remarkable).

Review four

I highly recommend the happy hour here! The cocktails were $9 each and the small bites were$9. My favorite was the lychee martini. The mango Bellini was okay. The Vietnamese gimlet was a second. I had the chicken salad and the dumplings. Very tasty and good value. Then ordered the pho $14 from the regular menu.

Very good too. The portions was small and enough I liked it that way. The ambiance and the decor was very lovely. I’ll come back here again for dinner and happy hour again for sure

Le Colonial

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