Lao Peng You Restaurant Very cute place that serves homemade dumplings and noodle soups

Name: Lao Peng You Restaurant

Type: Chinese restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time: 11:00am-9:00pm/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed

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Address Lao Peng You Restaurant

W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622،United States

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Lao Peng You Restaurant

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Excellent dumplings, even better music, beautiful plants in the window, friendly service. We ordered beef and cilantro dumplings, pork and cabbage dumplings, and the beef shank small cold plate. Everything was delicious, highly recommend

Menu Lao Peng You

Lao Peng You Restaurant menu 

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Love this place! Such an amazing pastry that’s savory, buttery and all the things. The spicy eggplant dish was calling my name, so got that too and also delicious. It was honestly a beautiful dish, so much color, texture and flavor. Will get both again and try many more of their food! Also, the sauce is incredible – included in pickup bag. Not a soy sauce, way more flavorful. I can’t put my finger on the standout ingredient but it’s delicious if you dip the bing bread in it

Review to

Freshest ingredients totally creative! Mushroom broth dish blew my socks off! Lamb bread was my favorite: very filling. But so hard to pick! Byo! Bring a knife to share noodle dishes: noodles are long!

Review three

Dan Dan noodle is insanely good. And all the dumplings are amazing. I don’t review much but this place is in my neighborhood and it was that good it deserved a review. I almost called them and told them it was the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten in my life

Review four

My boyfriend is from northern China and I’m vegan from US. He was excited to order because the menu looked authentic and saw they had vegan options for me too. It did not disappoint at all! I got the vegan pea squash dumpling soup and he got a beef noodle soup. The dumplings tasted super fresh and his noodles tasted homemade as well – delicious! For me – it’s an exciting treat to have new flavors of Chinese food that doesn’t fall into the typical Chinese dishes in the US. And my boyfriend was excited to have food like his grandma’s! “Legit” in his words. Win win

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