Jibaritos y Mas Restaurant Mi lugar favorito para comer en Chicago…Rica comida y excelente servicio

Name: Jibaritos y Mas Restaurant

Type: Puerto Rico Restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:10:00am-8:00pm

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Address Jibaritos y Mas Restaurant

W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647، United States

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Jibaritos y Mas

Recommended foods

Chicken jibarito excellent, Steak was good. Fresh alcapurria. Sorullito so dried out seems to be old..Rellenos also not fresh

Menu Jibaritos y Mas Restaurant

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 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

I had the bistec jibarito with Puerto Rican rice on the side. This was one of the meals you remember for many years to come! Everything was PERFECT! The steak was seasoned perfectly and the plantain “bun” was better than any kind of bread or bun you could ever make! Very friendly service here as well. This place definitely has what they do down pat!!!!!!

Review to

Never tried this before…. was definitely very impressed! The portion was great and just so flavorful. And the steak… so tender. Definitely a little messy to eat though.
OMG the steak & sauce jibarito is a food that you will forever crave. The tenderness & moistness of the steak is so perfectly balanced. They add a drizzle of garlic sauce on top of the fried plantain to give it that kick of garlic. Love the fact that the plantain is soft and not hard or crispy, which substitutes the bread in a complimented way. GREAT PLACE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Review three

I was surprised how much I loved the jibarito. We got this with lechón and rice which was good. The ensalada with shrimp was flavorful and fresh. Great for a picnic. We also had the blood sausage which had good spice. The pasteles was a little over steamed but otherwise good

Review four

This steak jabarito is amazing!!!! This is hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever had. The plantain is savory with butter and garlic on top. The steak is so tender and flavorful. Whoever cooks the steak has hands blessed by God! Whoever created this sandwich is a genius. I’d travel across state for this sandwich anytime the craving hits. Trust, this one won’t disappoint

Jibaritos y Mas Restaurant

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