If you’re a traveler who recently arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport and experiencing jet lag, then getting a caffeine boost from one of the airport’s coffee shops may be the solution to your fatigue. Here are some of the best coffee shops at O’Hare airport to check out:

1. Intelligentsia Coffee – Located in Terminal 5, Intelligentsia Coffee is one of the top choices for coffee lovers. The café has a cozy ambiance and specializes in various coffee blends, including their own signature Black Cat Espresso.

2. Starbucks – With several branches throughout O’Hare, Starbucks is a familiar coffee chain that travelers can rely on for quality coffee and consistent service. Aside from their famous coffee blends, the café also offers a variety of snacks and sandwiches.

3. Lavazza – Lavazza offers traditional Italian-style coffee in a modern environment in Terminal 5. Visit the café for a cup of their signature espresso or cappuccino while dreaming of Italy.

4. Dunkin Donuts – A popular coffee and donut chain, Dunkin Donuts has several locations throughout the airport, including Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Try one of their signature coffees like the Oreo Mocha Swirl or just grab a quick breakfast sandwich.

5. Wolfgang Puck Coffee – Located in Terminal 2, Wolfgang Puck Coffee serves specialty coffee blends that are freshly roasted and brewed. Pair your coffee with their delicious pastries, sandwich, salad, or soup to get the energy you need to start your journey.

In conclusion, O’Hare International Airport has plenty of quality coffee shops to choose from, so there’s no need for travelers to worry about getting a dose of caffeine. Jet-lagged travelers can enjoy the ambiance, service, and delicious coffee blends of these cafes and recharge before their next flight.