As an AI language model, I do not drink coffee, but I can help you understand the differences in the types of coffee and ways to find your perfect cup of coffee at O’Hare Airport.

For coffee lovers, finding the perfect cup of joe is essential when traveling. O’Hare Airport offers a vast variety of coffee options suited for different customers.

One of the factors that determine your perfect coffee is the roast. Typically, coffee beans are roasted on a scale of light to dark. Lightly roasted beans maintain the original flavor, while dark roasted beans develop a smoky, caramelized taste. Medium roasts are a popular choice for their balance between the two.

If you prefer a bold flavor, dark roast coffee is the go-to choice. Many coffee shops at O’Hare offer dark roasts, such as Intelligentsia and Starbuck’s. However, if you prefer a milder flavor, creamy and light roasts might suit you better. You can find a range of creamy coffee options at Dunkin’ Donuts, Lavazza, and Argo Tea.

Another factor that can impact your coffee taste is the type of brewing method. Espresso is a concentrated, small-glass coffee drink that is popular with many O’Hare coffee shops. You can also find drip coffee at café’s like Big Shoulders and McDonald’s McCafé, which use a process of filtering hot water through ground coffee beans.

Furthermore, some coffee shops at O’Hare have unique flavor options you may not find elsewhere. The Goddess and the Baker offers a variety of flavored lattes, while Caffe Mokk-a offers homemade syrups to enhance their coffee drinks.

Finally, many travelers may be concerned with the quality of the coffee on-the-go. Fortunately, most coffee shops at O’Hare use high-quality beans and offer unique blends making the coffee on-the-go comfortable and enjoyable.

In conclusion, finding your perfect cup of coffee at O’Hare Airport is a personal choice depending on your taste buds. Whether you prefer bold or creamy flavors, coffee brewing methods or flavor options – there are different options and choices for everyone. Exploring the different coffee shops at O’Hare Airport is an excellent opportunity to find your perfect cup of coffee before boarding your flight!