Located in Chicago, Illinois, O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving millions of travelers each year. Its large number of passengers has driven the creation of numerous dining options, including coffee shops. However, with a vast selection of coffee shops, it may be difficult for travelers to find the best coffee at O’Hare airport. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of expert recommendations of the top coffee picks at O’Hare airport.

1. Intelligentsia Coffee – Located at Terminal 5, Intelligentsia Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops among travelers. Known for its exceptional coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee offers a variety of brewing methods, ranging from drip coffee to pour-over. Their coffee is sourced from top producers around the world, ensuring high quality and unique taste. Additionally, Intelligentsia Coffee is also known for its delicious pastries and sandwiches, making it an excellent place to grab breakfast or lunch.

2. Big Shoulders Coffee – Big Shoulders Coffee is located at Terminal 2 and offers a unique coffee experience. They specialize in handcrafted coffee beverages, such as siphon coffee and nitro cold brew. Their coffee is made with locally sourced beans, and the baristas are extremely knowledgeable about coffee, making it the perfect place for coffee enthusiasts. In addition to coffee, they also serve breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

3. Starbucks Reserve Roastery – Starbucks Reserve Roastery is located at Terminal 3 and is the largest Starbucks location in the world. This unique location offers an elevated coffee experience, featuring exclusive coffee blends and brewing methods. Their menu includes pour-over, siphon, and even an exclusive espresso blend that is only available at this location. The beautiful space also offers an opportunity to witness the coffee roasting process, making it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts.

4. La Colombe Coffee Roasters – La Colombe Coffee Roasters is located at Terminal 3 and offers a wide selection of coffee beverages. Known for their Draft Latte and cold brew, both of which are served on tap, La Colombe Coffee Roasters also offers hot coffee, pour-over, and espresso drinks. The coffee is made with high-quality beans, and the baristas are knowledgeable and friendly. They also serve a selection of pastries and sandwiches.

5. Kofe Powered by Intelligentsia – Closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still worthy of mention. Situated in Terminal 2, Kofe Powered by Intelligentsia is a small coffee shop that exclusively serves Intelligentsia Coffee. They offer a limited selection of coffee beverages, such as drip coffee and espresso, but each cup is made with the same high-quality beans and brewing methods as Intelligentsia Coffee. The small space makes it a perfect spot for a quick coffee before catching a flight.

In conclusion, O’Hare airport has an impressive selection of coffee shops, and it can be challenging to find the best coffee. However, with these expert recommendations, travelers can ensure that they will have a top-notch coffee experience while waiting for their flights. Whether it’s Intelligentsia Coffee’s exceptional quality, Big Shoulders Coffee’s unique brewing methods, or Starbucks Reserve Roastery’s exclusive blends, these coffee shops are guaranteed to satisfy any coffee lover’s taste buds.