Eataly Chicago restaurant This place is so cool! Shopping for Authentic Italian foods, wine, beer, meats and cheeses, and restaurants too

Name: Eataly Chicago restaurant

Type: Italian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

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work Time: 8:00am-10:00pm/Friday, Saturday 8:00am-10:30pm

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E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611،United States

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Italian restaurant

This was one of the first restaurants I’ve been to post-covid and it was excellent as ever!! Shared the gluten free pizza with my sister and we got the kale salad as well. For desert it was mango sorbet, which was amazing

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Great high quality authentic tasting Italian. Great atmosphere as well. Lots of options for all to try and not egregiously expensive

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Review one

Eataly builds an Italian Empire. It has italian groceries, food, wines, spirits, olive oil, condiments, pasta, etc.  bakes its own pizza and bread in woodfire oven. makes its own mozarella and burrata! It brews its own beer. cooking classes and three sections of restaurants (cafe, ice cream, desserts, pasta, pizza, meat, seafood, wine plus antipasti, etc). sells books and kitchen wares as well

If you want to visit Italy, this is the next best opportunity. The atmosphere takes you to a place of awe. Unbelievable desserts, coffee, pasta, oils, wine, cheese. I’m sure I missed something

Review to

Not really an authentic Italian experience, but still excellent. The food from the restaurants are fresh and delicious. We spent too much time food/wine shopping. They also have a bakery, butcher, and even fresh pasta to take home. Tons of imported goods and good staff. Clean building. Would recommend to pasta and wine lovers. A great place to meet friends or fun for a first date

Review three

Eataly is a a collection of authentic Italian cuisine. You can sit down in the center and be served food from six different kitchens or you can stop at each individually and get something for takeout. They have a wide range of food but their pasta is where they really shine. I particularly enjoyed their spaghetti cacio e pepe. Their margherita pizza, a classic, was also very good. Service was phenomenal and the place was spotless. We liked it so much we went multiple times.

Review four

Dined at the Osteria di Eataly – one of the 3 restaurants at Eataly Chicago. If you are someone who appreciates authentic Italian cuisine, this is a really good place. Ambience is pretty but reservations are highly recommended

Italian restaurant

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