Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant Really nice patio and also indoor seating. The staff is really kind and they make sure you have a great experience. Really nice food all across the menu

Name: Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant

Type:Italian restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:4:00-9:30 pm/Thursday, Friday, 4:00-10:30 pm

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Address Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant 

W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614،United States

Phone number Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant


Casati's Modern Italian restaurant

One of the most amazing Italian restaurants I have ever enjoyed!! The service was excellent!!! The food even more amazing than I have ever expected! Worth the splurge

Recommended foods

Great food and good wine list. I really enjoyed the mango avocado salad and the fried artichokes. Very nice patio areas and comfortable seating inside

Delicious place with friendly service – we had 3 different pastas (I had short rib ravioli) and everyone loved theirs

Menu Casati’s Modern Italian restaurant

Casati's Modern Italian restaurant menu  

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

A wonderful family friendly place. Nothing like being toasted by the owner for my birthday celebration and to have the combo perform happy birthday in Italian. The food is meticulously prepared. The short rib ravioli is a definite go to entrée. We also had the meatball appetizer, clams with white sauce and another dish. The birthday dessert was a lavish layering of pastry with fruit and cream. Dine outside on the weekend to catch the combo

Review to

This place probably has the best vegan menu I’ve tried at a non-vegan restaurant. I got a vegan risotto, which was incredible, as well as a vegan chocolate cake. The vegan truffle fries are also amazing! Everything was delicious.

Review three

I got a vegan chocolate cake that was so good! It was creamy and smooth had an excellent Crumbly crust. The sorbet was the perfect touch to freshen your palate. I also ordered a non alcoholic cocktail that was so tasty ans refreshing. The ceaser salad dressing was tasty with a good amount of croutons and cheese. Though it does have egg in it if that’s an issue beware. Would recommend to others, great staff and lots of open space. Loved the vibe and greenery. It was a beautiful day and they had the doors open so we had a lovely breeze

Review four

Large selection of vegan Italian food, dog-friendly patio and staff. The vegan brussels sprouts were perfectly done

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