Alinea Restaurant I feel this restaurant has the quality and standards to acquire a star. Employees are kind and accommodating. The dinner is delicious! I would recommend this restaurant to everyone

Name: Alinea Restaurant


Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:5:00-10:00 pm/Tuesday, Monday closed

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Address Alinea Restaurant

N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614،United States

Alinea Restaurant chicago

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An absolutely incredible experience. Every bite of food was perfectly created and presented and it all tasted phenomenal. We did the wine pairing as well which we really enjoyed, even the surprise switch up to sake! The staff were all incredibly friendly and kind, but a special shout out to Miguel who guided us through our meal, answering all of our questions, throwing in a joke here and there, and making sure we were enjoying ourselves every second of the evening

 Alinea Restaurant 

Alinea Restaurant  

Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

I’ve just started to scratch the surface of fine dining and to me Alinea brought something to the table, literally and figuratively, that no one else has; an experience. So let’s get the obvious things out of the way. The food is delicious and the service was superb. If I’m being honest the flavors aren’t the best I’ve ever had for fine dining, but it would still be in the conversation. Now for the experience. The dishes are very creative with with their flavors and presentation.

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This place was very good as expected. It’s a 3 star Michelin place for a reason. I’ve had another 3 star French place named Le Bernardin in NY and thought the Alinea experience was significantly less noteworthy vs that but it was still great nonetheless! The food was pretty good with great flavors and the dessert was very unique. Highly recommend to anyone trying to dip into exquisite cuisine just don’t expect each course to come out with a full show like Chef’s Table might imply

Review three

I couldn’t comprehend most of the dishes. The flavors were too intense. I wouldn’t order a single dish again if I could. The presentation was amazing and the service was perfect. Definitely check it out. It was a unique experience

Review four

Book one month in advance on the 15th of every month to snag your reservation! Great experience with the very professional staff who asked us about dietary restrictions ahead of time and explained every course to us throughout the night. The reopening menu tasted great, and our table felt full after course 6. Would recommend

Alinea Restaurant

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